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How Can I Customize My Own Sex Doll

Creating a custom sex doll involves selecting various options to personalize its appearance and features. Here are the typical steps involved:

1. Select the head: Pick a head model that matches your preferences, including facial features and hairstyle.

2.Skin Color: choose  the skin color you like,such as white,tan,light tan,brown,cocoa,black,blue etc

3. Eye color : Select the desired eye color,such as black,blue,green,brown,grey

4. Hair type: Decide on the hair color, length, and style for your doll.

5. Nail color: most of brand offer nail customization, allowing you to choose nail color and style.

6.Areola Color: Choose the areola color you like,such as skin tone,pink,brown,dark brown,etc

7.Labia Color: Choose the labia color you like,such as skin tone,pink,brown,dark brown,etc

8.Vagina Option: Choose the vagina type you want,such as fixmed-vagina and removable vagina

9.Pubic Hair: Choose the pubic hair type you want,such as light hair,medium hair,heavy hair

10.Breast Type: Choose the breast type you want,such as solid breast,holly breast,jelly breast

11. Standing or non-standing: Decide if you want your doll to have a built-in standing feature.

12. Additional features: Some customization options include body heating, voice, Automatic blowjob,Automatic suction,Electric Hip,Finger Skeleton Upgrade,freckles,Etc

The Real Doll Studio Offer A wide array of customization possibilities for your imaginative needs

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