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WM Doll (66)

WM Doll Was Established in 2015 in Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province,China

Being recognized as one of the globally renowned and accomplished producers, wm doll stands out as a leading manufacturer in the industry,WM Doll focuses on delivering a diverse collection of premium sex dolls designed for individuals seeking lifelike, versatile, and unique figures. Crafted from top-tier TPE and Silicone materials known for their exceptional durability and elasticity, our sex dolls offer a supple, soft, and responsive texture that engages the senses. Supported by a robust internal framework, our figures achieve a perfect blend of realism and flexibility, enabling users to pose them in a myriad of imaginative positions.

WM branded dolls offer a diverse range of sizes and types, with certain models featuring unique characteristics. Some include wetness features for oral and vaginal aspects,with a wet tongue ideal for more realistic oral sex. while others showcase distinctive attributes like generously sized breasts, including up to an M-cup. Our collection encompasses a variety of themes, catering to different preferences, such as soldiers, athletes, college girls, and fantasy figures like vampires and monsters. Additionally, our selection spans various nationalities, such as black sex doll,european sex doll,latin sex doll,asian sex doll,japanese sex doll

All WM Dolls are fully customisable and provide a wide range of sex dolls collection for our customers choose,Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have interest in any kind of sex doll

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